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Having participated in previous congresses, we were amazed by their multidimensional being and were overcome with the excitement in the idea of organizing such an event, that had not happened for a very long time in our country. In the spirit of coherence, IVSA Thessaloniki and IVSA Thessaly decided to cooperate and announce the participation as IVSA Greece, along with a few ideas, in the 67th IVSA Symposium in Korea. Overcoming the difficulties we managed to be nominated and finally to be voted as the hosts of the 69th IVSA Congress. We feel honored by the presence of such a conference in our country and will do our best to share the Greek Veterinary mentality, as well as the Greek way of life and hospitality! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

In behalf of the OC,

Marianna Moraiti & Christoforos Pantelatos


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IVSA Thessaloniki 's OC

  • Marianna Moraiti- President
  • Ioannis Thyriakis- Vice president
  • Eirini Antypa- Secretary
  • Vasiliki Vantsou- Treasurer
  • Panagiota Svania- Sponsorship Director
  • Dimitris Argyris- Accomodation and Catering Director
  • Antonios Giovanopoulos- Transportation and Catering Director
  • Vasiliki Dimitraki- Entertainment Director

IVSA Thessaly 's OC

  • Christoforos Pantelatos- President
  • Ioanna Angeliki Chandra- Vice president
  • Olga Avlonitou- Secretary
  • Panagiotis Doerffer-Efraimidis- Treasurer
  • Angeliki Sotirchou- Sponsorship Director
  • Leonidas Folias- Accomodation and Catering Director
  • Zoi Stamatia Bellou- Transportation and Catering Director
  • Konstantina Louka- Entertainment Director