Post Congress

The Post Congress will take place in Santorini, an island considered top destination for summer vacation, and Athens, the capital city of Greece.

Santorini, is an island of the Aegean, known for its Volcanic rock formations, absence of vegetation, unique sunsets and white houses partly build into stone, to protect the citizens from the heat. Its volcano was blamed for one of the largest volcanic events on Earth in recorded history, in the mid-second millennium BCE. The eruption triggered a series of earthquakes and tsunamis that sank part of the island itself and caused severe damage in the Minoan settlement at Crete and may have been alluded to in the Egyptian Tempest Stele, as well as the Chinese Bamboo Annals. Today, it remains active and the most dangerous volcano in the Aegean. Santorini was also rumoured to be the mythical island of Atlantis. Oia is a scenic village, with breathtaking view to the Caldera, the ability to visit the old city of Akrotiri and great instagramable spots around every corner! Find out more in

Athens, Greece’s capital and largest city, is a cosmopolitan modern center, known in Classical times as cradle of the arts, learning and philosophy, home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum. It is, also, broadly considered the birthplace of democracy. Participants will get the chance to visit Parthenon, the landmark temple devoted to the goddess of wisdom and protector of the city, from whom it was named after, the daughter of Zeus, Athena. They can also visit the graphic neighborhood with cobbled streets and traditional little houses, below the Acropolis, named Plaka and travel just outside the city, to Sounio, to climb a steep rock by the sea and reach the temple of Poseidon, god of the sea, according to Greek mythology, and watch a glorious sunset. The list with things to do is just too long and it really depends on each one’s preferences, it can vary from museum visiting (eg Archeological, Acropolis museum), to hanging on a beach and pub crawls. Find out more in

Please mind that

· the whole Post Congress is organised by a travel agency and not the Congress’ Organising Committee

· the cost of tickets referred in the brackets is the full ticket, when the participants are selected the travel agency with check for students’ discounts and price might vary.

July 26th
01:00 Departure from Volos by bus
07:25 The ship departs from Piraeus heading to Santorini
14:50 Arrival in Santorini, followed by check in and free time

July 27th
10:00 Meeting at the reception. A bus is set to transfer the participants to Thira, where they can visit the old port of Santorini (Athonios port) and join the cruise around the famous volcano, participants can also walk on the volacano bit the entrance fee (approximately 2€ per person) is not included in the Post Congress fee. Afterwards, they can take a swim in the Thermal Springs, although people with cardiac or respiratory conditions are advised to avoid entering the water, as the smell of sulfur is very intense.
Free time to watch the sunset in Oia
Return to the hotel by bus

July 28th
…-13:30 Free time
14:00-23:15 Return trip to Piraeus and transfer to the hotel

July 29th
Tranfer to Acropolis area and visit Parthenon (Entrance fee 20€, not included)
Free time to explore Plaka
Setting off to reach Sounio by bus (Entrance fee 8€, not included)
Return in Athens in time for dinner

July 30th
Time to explore In our last day Syntagma area, Ermou street, Athens most famous shopping district, and Monastiraki area where participants will have lunch.

· Transfer from Volos to Piraeus by bus

· Boat tickets from Piraeus to Santorini Island and the return trip

· Transfer from and to the port to the hotel

· Two overnight stays at Perissa area in Santorini

· Cruise to the volcano and the thermes and return to Oia for a stroll

· Two overnight stays in Athens with breakfast and two dinners included

· Transfer from the port to the hotel

· City tours in Athens (Plaka and Acropolis) and Sounio